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What is e-Design? (a.k.a e-Decorating)
E-Design is a web based DIY interior design service offered by Think Design!, a full service interior design firm.
During the course of their partnership Tony and Audrey have received requests from individuals in need of a design professionalís skill on a reserved budget. As a result they launched a subsidiary to Think Design! called e-Design that offers do it yourself solutions. The great news is that we will provide you with the tools needed for affordable design without sacrificing design quality. You, the e-Design client, will partake by assisting Think Design! with requested information and in the end, purchasing all recommended products for your space. We will provide you with a design plan and a shopping list (ex. web sites from which you may obtain the recommended items). The wonderful part about this is that you can decide to purchase the recommended product at your pace or procure comparable items to help control costs! There are no hidden fees.

Why Us?
As professionals, Think Design! wants their clients to know that there is a difference between interior decorators and interior designers. Audrey and Tony are:
  • Educated, degreed, and trained in interior design
  • Active participants in nationally and internationally recognized professional     organizations
  • Staying abreast of current design trends, work techniques, building codes, and much more through continuing education units (CEUs)
So, why choose an interior decorator when you can have an interior designer?
Choose e-Design.

What you get with e-Design
Recommendations You Will Receive:
  • A detailed shopping list inclusive of:
    • Accessories
    • Furniture
    • Paint chips
    • Rugs
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Window treatment/styles
    • Art
  • Space plan
  • Re-use of existing furniture if applicable

Bathroom Recommendations:
  • Paint and or wallcovering
  • Mirrors
  • Light fixtures
  • Vanity (prefab)
  • Tile recommendations

Excluded Items:
  • Plumbing plan
  • Custom cabinetry drawings
  • Tile elevation drawings
  • Electrical plan
Space Plan
Space Plan
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Design Board Example 1
Design Board 1
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Design Board Example 2
Design Board 2
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We feel kitchens are better suited for one-on-one involvement with a professional designer which entails architectural drawings, specifications, and site visits. We strongly advise professional help with full kitchen remodels. Designer kitchens are a large undertaking and can be quite disruptive for most individuals.

Dependent on the scope of the project allow approximately two to three weeks.

***Any additional questions can be directed to Think Design!, LLC via email.
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