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Checklist of items you will need to do or provide us with:

  • Print out the PDF document (located in download section below) containing the Client Information Sheet, the two example diagrams, and the Terms and Conditions form along with a copy of this checklist page.
  • Complete the e-Design Client Information form in its entirety. Be sure to include the requested five (5) design image links but most importantly, please identify your budget for the space.
  • A Client Information Sheet will need to be completed for each room before any work will commence.
  • Fax or scan/email the completed e-Design Client Information form to us (see Contact Us section below)
  • Await and review Think Designís acknowledgment email containing the Project Contract and Terms and Conditions attachments. If you are requesting more than one room to be redesigned, you will receive separate Project Contracts for each room to be executed as described in the next line item.
  • Sign and date the Project Contract and Terms and Conditions forms. Both client and spouse/partner should execute this form.
  • Fax or scan and email the completed two forms to us (see Contact Us section below).
  • Issue payment in full by either:
    • Mailing a personal check to Think Design at the address located at the bottom of the page,
    • Or, issuing a credit card payment to Think Design via PayPal.

  • Obtain room measurements. Place those measurements in a clearly hand-drawn floor diagram and in wall elevations to include wall and window heights, heaters, electrical outlets, etc. Please refer to the example diagrams entitled Sample of Measurements - Floor View and Sample of Measurements - Elevation.
  • Take low resolution digital photographs of each of the walls, inclusive of doors/doorways, wall heaters, etc. An all-inclusive photo of the space would be helpful too. Be sure the digital photographs are labeled with corresponding numbers and are identified in your diagrams in the same manner. This will help us visualize which walls are associated with each drawn wall and or elevation.
  • Photograph any existing furniture to be re-used or refurbished in the newly designed space. Measurements should have been included in your response on the Client Information Sheet.
  • Fax and or scan/email the previously listed three (3) items together. Include appropriate client information on all pages so Think Design can associate them to the right project file.
You will receive an email advising you that your project is underway only when all items are in place for your e-decorating adventure.

Powder Room$670.60
Home Office$1029.30
Dining Room$1029.30
Living Room$1235.10
Family Room$1235.10

e-Design services start at $150.00 for interior paint selections up to a maximum of $1,240.00 for full e-design package.

Paint Selection only per room $156.10

Payment by PayPal or personal check.   Click here for PayPal payment page
Full service interior design fees are dependent upon the scope of the project and the clientís budget.

For example the music lounge we created for Astoria Towers cost $ 61,107.79. The speakers alone cost $20,000.00
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Client Information Sheet e-Design Terms & Conditions

Floor View Measurement Diagram Elevation Measurement Diagram
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